Join the Notch Club!

Great People. Great Beer. Great times.

What’s the Notch Club?


Drink any 100 different beers and you’re part of the club. 

As a bar with a passion for craft beer, we’re always trying to bring in new brews. The goal of the club is to keep you trying new drinks and bring people together.

Once you finish your first 100 drinks and officially become a “Notcher”, you get a shirt, your picture on the wall, and access to exclusive Notch Club events and tasting trips. 


Jack Brown's Notch Club members posing funny and pointing at a new notch club shirt for a club member.
The back of a Jack Brown's Notch Club shirt on a man with his arms up in the air.

How do you Join?


Walk into any Jack Brown’s location and ask for a Notcher list. It’s that simple!

It doesn’t stop at 100! Once you hit one hundred you’re in the club, but the higher you climb the more you earn. Once you hit 1000, you’re known as a “Saint”.

It’s a great way to make some new friends and try new drinks all at the same time.

*A small deposit may apply when starting your Notch Card. Varies by location.